Global Super 8 Day - Feedbacks

I have organized the annual Super8 screening «Super8 Special» at neues kino for many years now. Lucky hit that GS8D 2005 was the 8th Super8 Special screening!
The program is not created by me but by chance. That means I accept any Super8 contribution no matter what content, or genre. Anything that the filmmaker will consider worth showing will be shown. As a consequence the quality of the programs have differed a lot. This year I am happy to say that it was one of the best programs I was able to ever present. Almost all genres typical for Super8 were there: Home movies, trashy SciFi, experimental films, animation, music clips etc.

The program was divided into three parts and the whole show lasted more than 3 hours. Many filmmakers were present. Even a filmmaker from Munich, Klaus Schreier came together with his main actor to present two of his movies. The attending crowd was not so big, only about fourty people.Usually I had 60 - 100 people at the shows. We had a great time anyway and a lot of productive exchange took place before and after the screening. I would like to thank all the filmmakers again and also all the Super8 enthousiasts organizing events all over the globe!

David Pfluger, Basel (05.10.2005)

PROGRAMM SATURDAY May 7th, 21h/9pm

Simon Dickels (D)
SONNIGE GRÜSSE, S8, 3min, sound
MEIN REKORD, S8, 2min30s, silent
Carmen Stadler (CH)
RÜBENBECKS FLUG, miniDV, 5min, sound
SMO-KING, miniDV, 4min, sound
Renatus Zürcher (CH),
HOTBIRD, S8, 3min, silent
David Pfluger (CH),

Aus dem Archiv von Swiss.Movie:
Maurice Perrelet (CH)
SCIENCE FISTON, S8, 14min, sound, CH 1983
TUG OF WAR, Seilzieh-WM in Basel, S8, 10min, sound, CH 1981

Aus dem Archiv des Lichtspiels Bern:
SCOPITONES, Musikclips auf Super8, S8, je 3min, sound, 70er Jahre

Uhlmann (CH),
NASAL BOYS, Konzertaufnahme, miniDV, 6min, 1978
Eumig Lehrfilm (AU),
PERFEKT FILMEN, S8, 6min, sound,
Bacher und Klepsch (D),
POOCH 1, Experimentalfilm, 2min
Erwin Bosch (CH),
E SUUBERI SACH, S8, 7min30s
Willy Bürki (CH),
DR. MULTI, S8, 4min30s, sound
Klaus Schreier (D)
WHAT'S HE BUILDING, S8, 3min30s, sound
aAron munson (CDN),
PASSMEBYE, Experimentalfilm, DVD, 3min30s
Dagie Brundert (D), TBA
Michael Grunert (D),
TAGWERK, S8, 2004
Jaap Pieters (NL),
KUIFJE ISST HUHN UND SPÜHLT ES RUNTER, S8, 6min40s, silent, 1999

Basel, Switzerland

neues kino
Klybeckstrasse 247, 4057 Basel

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