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Movie-Vote – just as I like it
Super 8 Movies onlineThe Movie-Vote is updated: There are four new shortfilms from Switzerland and from Germany. The works are reaching from ultra short animated clips to sumptuously produced fic-tion shorts. Who ever likes one or the other of the films – or finds it completely out of place – is given the opportunity to express his or her opinion directly by Movie-Vote.  » proceed

Nizo – The Cult Trademark
Nizo – The Cult TrademarkWho among Super 8 fans doesn't know Nizo – the cult trademark, that set standards in quality and design in the field of 8mm cameras.

The Brand: In part one of the large Nizo Special Juergen Lossau, collector of cine-cameras and editor in chief of the german trade journal «schmalfilm», analyzes the history of the traditional enterprise Niezoldi & Krämer, that almost went bankrupt and came to new life after the take over by Braun AG in the early sixties .  » mehr

The Wonderworks: In part two Jossau takes a closer look at several wonderworks among the Nizo Super 8 movie cameras like the «Nizo S 800» or the well equiped «Nizo professional» dating from 1975.  » mehr

Links and adressesLinks and adresses
In these past few years, this much appraised and scolded medium, the internet, has contributed a lot to accelerate and enlarge the information exchange within the Super 8 community. Many fans of the small film format set up interesting web sites on the subject of Super 8, and many an exciting discussion on amateur film making took place via the virtual data highway. Just check it out yourself!  » proceed

The Little Super-8 Museum
Those were the days: daddy filming the family's sunday excursions!
Eumig in Austria, Bolex in Switzerland, Beaulieu in France, NIZO Braun and Bauer in Germany as well as Sankyo in Japan were the most commonly known manufacturers of Super 8 equipment for home movies.
In our little virtual Super 8 Museum, we present highlights from some 35 years of Super 8 history.  » proceed

Global Super 8 DayGlobal Super 8 Day
Official homepage of the historical «Global Super 8 Day», that took place on January 8th with over fourthy screenings all over the world (german and english).  » proceed

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Find an overview (Link) of Kodak’s small gauge films.

Movie Cameras:
The International Guide by Juergen Lossau. A book and catalog about every model ever built in 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm, Single 8, Super 8 and Double-Super-8 formats.